Friday, March 5, 2021

Awesome Line Burst Background Animation - Using HTML, CSS & Javascript


Hello everyone! In this video, you are going to learn how to create an awesome colorful line burst background animation using HTML, CSS and how to clone the line burst animation multiple times with random color lines using Vanilla Javascript.

First, create the index.html file and style.css file. After you created those files In the index.html file link the style.css file in between to the <head></head> tags. Then start the HTML part of the line burst animation. Then go to the style.css file and start to style the animate the lines one by one with keyframes as you can see in the video. When after you complete the animation then go back to the index.html file start the javascript part of the cloning burst animation multiple times on random positions of the webpage. And then write javascript to add colors change randomly on each line on the burst animation as you can see in the video. So thats it, Hope you will enjoy creating this background animation.

All the source codes and source files and available to download from here. Use the download button or copy and paste the code from the text editors. My opinion is first try to do it by following the video line by line. It will help you to understand all of it. After that, if your code is wrong or not working use the given source codes to compare with your code. It will help you to understand all of your mistakes.

Source Codes



Download Source Files

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