Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Back to Top button with hover for a Web Page (scroll top) - using HTML, CSS, Javascripts


Hello everyone! In this video, you are going to learn how to create a back to top button with hover for a website easily using HTML, CSS, Javascript. The back to top button is a shortcut that allows users to quickly jump to the top of a page. It is so easy for websites with long pages. Users can easily scroll back to the top without scrolling or using the scroll bar. Nowadays modern websites usually are using this back-to-top button for a better experience of page navigation for visitors.

To create this back to top button First you need to create "index.html", "jquery.backtotop.js", "style.css" files. Then Start coding the index.html file. You need to create the back top button using font awesome icons. Ans write the CSS styles in the style.css file for page background and button styles. Then write the jQuery code in the jquery.backtotop.js file for back to top button click function and for the scroll function. Also, remember you need to link external jquery libraries and font awesome libraries to the "index.html" file between the head tag.Also, you need to link the "jquery.backtotop.js" file to the "index.html" file bottom of the page body. If you follow the video correctly your back to top button is ready for your use.

All the source codes and source files and available to download from here. Use the download button or copy and paste the code from the text editors. My opinion is first try to do it by following the video line by line. It will help you t o understand all of it. After that, if your code is wrong or not working use the given source codes to compare with your code. It will help you to understand all of your mistakes.

Source Codes (Back to Top button)




Download Source Files

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